Americans are searching for Kanye West’s ‘Ye’ Album, but are finding Burna Boy’s single and loving it

Kanye West’s newly released ‘Ye’, simply titled after the well-known shortened-version of his first name has caused some confusion among fans.

Kanye West

As folks have been searching for the project all over streaming platforms, they’ve not only stumbled upon the new Kanye, it seems that searches are also bringing up a totally different result: Burna Boy‘s polyrhythmic “Ye” off of his early 2018 album “Outside.”

By naming his album ‘Ye’ when you search ‘Ye’ Burna Boy’s tune ‘Ye’ comes up.

Burna Boy

Burna also tweeted that his album streams were up 200% because of the mix up; “Ye” is currently Burna Boy’s #3 song on Spotify and his top song on Apple Music.

Burna himself shared a tweet on Monday thanking Kanye. He wrote:

“Thank YE!! 😂😭 Numbers up 200%. 💰💵💴”