I Keep Transforming Famous Landmarks And Random Places Using Paper Cutouts (New Pics)

Written by Akikpejr

A couple of years ago Bored Panda featured some of the photos I’d taken while exploring London with paper cutouts.

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It was just a fun hobby I’d spent my evenings and weekends doing and I would never have thought it would lead to anything more. After the feature on here through my Instagram started to go viral and there was a lot more interest in my style of photography. This led on to some great work collaborations with brands such as Disney, NFL, and Vodafone which eventually led to me leaving my job and becoming a full-time Instagrammer. Since then I’ve traveled the world creating whimsical, witty and surprising scenes with my cut-outs and now I’ve collated my work into a book called “Around The World in Cut-Outs.”

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