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More Winners Score In The Coca-Cola “Score A Trip To Russia” Promo


by – OG DEJI 0

It’s a season of happiness for new winners that have emerged in the Coca-Cola “Score a Trip to Russia” Promo.

Benjamin Muo and Fasola Moruf Adeyinka will be joining other winners to go watch the games live at the 2018 World Cup Tournament in Russia in June, later this year.

Benjamin and Fasola who live in Ile-Ife, Osun State and Asaba, Delta State respectively recently met with Georgios Polymenakos, Managing Director at Nigeria Bottling Company at the official presentation ceremony of the winners.

It’s no more looking like a fairy tale for these guys as plans are already in motion for them to get to Russia in style.

So, what are you waiting for? Go get a bottle of Coke, check under the crown for the code, text the code to 5453 or upload the code online on https://torussiawith.coke.com.ng/ and follow the SMS prompts. You can also be a lucky winner.

Follow the official Coca-Cola social media pages on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for more “Score a Trip to Russia” information.


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