Anna Faris deletes pantless photo of herself on Instagram after being body-shamed

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Anna Faris quickly deleted an Instagram photo Tuesday after she was criticized by social media users for appearing too thin.

The “Overboard” actress posted a photo of herself wearing nude boyshorts with tall black boots and a long sleeve shirt, TMZ reported. Faris appeared on CBS’ “The Talk” that day and had Kevin Smith as a guest on her podcast “Unqualified.”

“Having pre-show jitters- so glad [‘Unqualified’ production assistant] Michael Sherman captured it- also I eventually decided to put on pants,” Faris captioned the Instagram post.

Within minutes, social media users began body-shaming Faris for her thin figure. One user said the actress looked “so unhealthy” and said she should “eat.”

“This is alarming! I feel this pic is a cry for help, I hope you get the help you need,” another person wrote, according to TMZ.


Several people came to her defense and said Faris has always been thin.

“You are beautiful at any size. Health is our concern. If you’re healthy and happy that’s all that matters! Continue to be awesome!” one person wrote.

Despite some support, Faris deleted the post about 15 minutes, TMZ reported.

She made no mention of the post on her social media platforms but did post a boomerang of her boots on Instagram Stories.

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