Independence Day saga: Nigerians come for DJ Cuppy after she calls Nigeria the ‘greatest nation’

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Nigeria’s October 1 Independence Day celebrations have come and gone. But for many, the rising smoke from the day’s festivity has yet to die down. One such person who is still feeling the heat from the country’s recent 58th birthday and what it represented for most Nigerians is DJ Cuppy.

During Independence Day, DJ Cuppy had taken to celebrating her country and wishing it a happy birthday like many other celebrities did. In light of this, she released new photos of herself wearing a beautiful indigenous gown.

The daughter of wealthy Femi Otedola also took to Twitter to lift the country’s flag up with a seemingly innocent tweet. In the post she shared, she talked about her immense joy and being a citizen of Nigeria and also called her the greatest nation.

Her tweet read thus: “Today, we experience the joy and pride of being called NIGERIANS! The greatest nation.”

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Despite what looked like a genuine celebration of the country, many Nigerians took offence with DJ Cuppy’s words and they came for her. One of these people was a young man named Wole on Twitter.

Wole who could not stand for what DJ Cuppy wrote voiced out his own opposing opinion on the mini blogging platform. He had this to say:

“I’ll say this real quick, calling Nigeria “the greatest nation”, especially when you’re in the 0.5% mega privileged bracket, is an insult to every Nigerian who has to suffer every single day because of the REAL and unnecessary challenges they face.”

Other tweets by Wole also followed in this accord:

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Other people also took to the page of the female disc jockey and musician to render their unabashed views of her statement. In all, most people considered it highly insensitive for her to speak of Nigeria with such high regard when all is clearly not well with the nation.

See some other reactions below:

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In spite of the bad reception Cuppy’s praise for Nigeria received, some fans have staunchly risen in defence of the singer and they have expressed thoughts that show they are in support of her words.

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